Is a pre-owned wedding dress right for you?

Buying a pre-owned wedding dress is becoming the preferred option for today’s bride. It allows her to purchase an A-list designer gown at a fraction of the A-list price keeping her budget on track. It is also a great way to incorporate a “something borrowed’ and “something new” into one piece (there’s no need to ask Grandma to borrow her vintage cameo brooch) you will already have that covered.

Just to clarify pre-owned wedding gowns are dresses that have either been worn by one bride and (are in exquisite condition) then can be worn by another bride for her own wedding or it is unworn with tags attached, previous bride just changed her mind. Either way this gives today’s modern bride a more affordable option than the more expensive “made to order” designer gowns.


What do I look for when shopping for a pre-owned wedding dress? 

Well besides the cut, fit, and comfort of the gown being perfect for you.

  1. One needs to look for any type of stains (dirt on the hem, sweat, makeup, food or wine) all of which should be easily cleaned at the dry cleaners. Here at Emerald City Gowns we don’t accept any gowns without being cleaned first and if there are any noticeable stains.
  2. If there are loose or missing appliques such as beading, crystals, or lace these can be easily repaired with your favorite seamstress.

Your wedding dress is undeniably one of the most important parts of your wedding day. So, choose carefully keeping in mind your overall look (fit, color, and sparkle) and wedding budget. At the end of the day what is most important is that you get married and you look great doing so.


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