Finding your dream wedding gown.

Have you ever purchased clothes online without trying them one first trusting in the pictures or size charts? And then once received they didn’t fit quite right? Or maybe you found that cute outfit, you found on Pintrest at the store tried it on and it looked horrible? These are all to true experiences for everyday shopping as well as finding your dream wedding gown.

wedding_dress_collage            Wedding-Dress-Silhouettes           bride_collage

There are so many different dress styles how does a bride know which one to choose? There are multiple magazines, dress style charts, and wedding blogs that all have inspirational  pictures of models in the gorgeous gowns making everything look too good to be true. But is that really a true representation of how the dress will fit you? Do you trust the accuracy of the dress chart and purchase a gown online? The best way to tell is just try on all diffent styles in person and touch the different fabrics, see what lays on you best, what flatters your body best. Do you prefer the soft silk chiffon over the stiff organza or maybe tulle ?

I know you may already have an idea of what will look best, but try to keep an open mind you may be suprised and LOVE the lace fit and flare dress over the ballgown.


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